Lost whispers

Do you remember those spots of ink
We made them with a grin and a wink
The plain blank wall, dressed so gaily
Careless school days, bubbling and silly

Those long lectures, full of whispers and giggles
And our own special corner for sharing lunches
Secrets told with solemn oaths
Then being ticked off for passing notes

Gives me a warm feeling, even now as I think
Those endless days, gone in a blink
But we still promised to be best of Friends
Dragging our feet, we went different ways

Starting life on a wide new road
Excited and alone and just a bit cowed
I turn to look for that familiar face
And all I've got is an empty space

In all those years I never understood
What we had was so cherished and good
Maybe its an old story, it still tugs the heart
Why do we grow up, just to grow apart?

I learn to live and cope and regain
Some semblence of life, perhaps be happy again
But something so sweet and tender is lost
And I achingly miss that bright ink spot

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